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Treasure what you have


This is a collage i made of people i am proud to call friends and family .. Wouldnt change any of them.. P.s i know i stopped blogging but ill start again 🙂


Band practice

Just had the weekly band practice 😀 its one of the best times of the week . I love it . Its where me and my mates can express our passion for music to form a good sound . We are preparing for a charity gig on the 23rd of march (next saturday). I cant wait 😀 ill post a setlist on soon 🙂 my mum and auntie have set this up from scratch and are doing excellent . Im really proud of them. So far , with my nans help , they have raised about 200 pound before it has started on raffles etc. Hope fully we will come out with a grand. I really like helping charity it makes me feel good 🙂 ohh by the way happy “good mood thursday” everyone so YOU MUST
be happy 😀 -DREW (POCKO) 🙂




The “busy” week -.-

Urgh this past week has been horrible .. Tests and homework 😦 i havent had time to blog in a while as the spare time i had from the work was spent on guitar and writing material 🙂 i got told a load of times by my best friend i have to blog so ill keep it up 🙂 . YEY we are back to normal(after are argument).im soo glad , its unreal. Anyway appart from school lifes going good  🙂 i get told off ALOT as im an unfocused hypoactive child 😛 but thats me 😛 stay happy guys . Im sorry its not a big blog (still no time) Peace 🙂 -pocko

starting up #2 the problem free post :D …

i know its been like 20 minutes or so since my “first” blog as such but id like another first blog as my other one was a little depressing/all about my problems. so i want to do a happy blog. it will be one (of many) hobby blogs 😀 i have quite a few hobby’s  as i say in “problem blog#1” i am a huge music nerd , and that doesn’t come close to how much i know and love music. I play 4 instruments and sing (not that i do it well) . i am in a band called “FADED VISION” with three talented members. the bands doing very well 😀 and i love to write music 🙂 ( i could probally blog some material in the future) . i have other hobby’s but i wont go on forever 🙂 i can be rather boring 😉 ill blog soon 🙂 byeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂 and always have a happy side 🙂 – drew(pocko)

starting up(problem edition) …

so errm yeah , this is my first blog ever! don’t know what to write really. Well ,  i’m doing this because i have this best friend (who i am having troubles with at the minute) who does these blogs a lot. It looks like some good fun really so i thought id try it. I read some of her blogs and they were really good, and i mean REALLY good. even though we are having problems , i keep looking at her blogs. We are actually having trouble because of ONE blog , she wrote something that i got offended by quiet a bit and it just then started an argument and i don’t get offended easily :/ people do not understand that i do get upset too. I just have to put some headphones on and listen to stereophonics or something to forget for a little while ( i’m a music nerd , you’ll learn that later ) . But things work out right ? i mean they have before so lets hope they do now. My problem is i tend to leave talking to others about it. but if you read this and your upset about arguments or something  , talk to someone get through things and sort it out , things get better – drew(pocko)